Pact is a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve adopted children of color. In order to best serve children's needs, we provide not only adoptive placement but lifelong education, support, and community for adoptees and their families on issues of adoption and race. Our goal is for every child to feel wanted honored and loved, a cherished member of a strong family with proud connections to the rich cultural heritage that is his or her birthright. Because we recognize that part of a building a stable, secure identity is growing up in a supportive community, we also offer educational services for those who work with and serve adopted children of color and their families.

Services for Schools & Educators

We know that schools are places where children live. To help all members of a school community support adopted children of color and their families, we offer:

  • In-Service Training: Pact offers in-service training on adoption, race, culture, and family diversity for schools looking to increase their effectiveness in working with both transracial families and adoptive families of all kinds. As a community service, special educator pricing is available. You can download a single copy of our School Staff Guide for Adoption for free (see Resources).

  • Book Selection: Our online bookstore serves children from birth through teens and provides titles for adults as well. Choose from our database of over 3500 titles that address adoption, race, and family diversity, each one of which has been reviewed by Pact staff. Our selection and pricing is designed so that every child can have an opportunity to participate. We have books for or about kids of all races and ethnicities as well as healing stories-books that concentrate on challenging issues for kids.

  • Consultations: Pact Director Beth Hall works directly with education professionals who are working to support adopted youth and their families and want added insight into some of the specific issues that tend to surface.

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Placement Services

At Pact, we are always looking to recruit more families of color to adopt children of color. For more information about our placement services, please see For Adoption Professionals. See below for more on how you can help us spread the word.

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Speakers Bureau

Pact Director Beth Hall is a nationally acclaimed author and speaker who speaks to groups across the country. She or other Pact staff are pleased to speak to on a variety of topics related to adoption and race, in formats ranging from one-hour talks to daylong workshops. Some groups we commonly work with include:

  • Churches, community groups, and clubs. Children of color are in need of families of color to adopt them. Pact will provide speakers, including adoptive parents, to groups looking to spread the word of just how wonderful adoption can be. We particularly welcome the opportunity to speak to African American groups about ways they can support children being adopted within the community.

  • Hospital and medical staff, including doctors, nurses, and social workers. Adoption can be a complicated and stressful process for all the participants. Hospital and clinic staff are often placed in the position of feeling somehow responsible for arrangements and decisions that they had no part in shaping. This can lead to additional stress and frustration among workers already stretched to meet the needs of their patients. Pact provides free in-service training for hospital and medical staff. We can work with you and your patients to find local resources as well as handle the legal and emotional needs of clients considering an adoption plan and help you understand how to present adoption as an option without pushing women to do something they are not sure is right for them.

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For more information on any of the above, please contact Pact at (510) 243-9460 or