Pact Adoption Camp 2013The Pact Camp experience is one that children of all ages tell is us is critically important to them; they cannot wait to return year after year. Pact Family Camp, for them, feels like home. At Pact Camp, they don't have to explain their family; everyone understands and accepts one another for who they are.

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    What is Pact Camp?

    Learn more about Pact Camp from our Executive Director, Beth Hall

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    2017 Pact Family Camp

    2017 Pact Family Camp West Slideshow

    2017 Pact Family Camp East Slideshow

    2017 Pact Camp East Performance

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    2016 Pact Family Camp

    Many families tell us their children watch the slide shows over and over, as they serve as a means of reminding them that they are not alone in their experience.

    2016 Pact Family Camp Slide Show

    2016 Pact Family Camp Teen Spoken Word

    2016 Pact Family Camp Group Performances

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    2015 Pact Family Camp Slide Show

    Pact Family Camp 2015 Slide Show

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    2014 Pact Family Camp Slide Show

    Pact Family Camp 2014 Slide Show

    Click here to see additional Pact Camp Slide Shows from previous years.

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    2014 Pact Camp Performance

    Pact Camp 2014 Performance Video

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    Pact Camp Songs

    Each year as we sing the Pact Family Camp songs together, we are reminded of how much it means to children to be part of a community. They arrive at Camp knowing the words by heart, so feel free to use our downloads to sing along!

    Pact Camp Where We Want To Be

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    Campers' Testimonials

    “Every exchange - and I truly do mean every exchange – at Pact Camp was such an incredible opportunity to grow, to learn and to challenge myself in a way that I hope brings forth real change in my own life. The chance to stretch myself and to be given multiple opportunities to do so much meaningful and relevant self-exploration in a safe, supportive and loving community is nothing short of a true gift - and I am truly indebted to you for providing this profound experience in my life.”

    --Paula O’Loughlin, featured speaker, adult adoptee and adoptive parent

    “I love coming to Camp and watching the kids open up as they begin to realize that they are not alone. I know myself I’m shy. There were times when the guest speakers came to talk to the kids and at the time a kid didn’t want to participate, but later shared their project or feelings with me. I love being there for them.”

    --Tweens counselor

    “The best part of Pact Camp for me was when another counselor and I had a talk with a young boy about loving his skin, which is dark like ours, so what people say won’t matter.”

    --Teen counselor

    “This is the most important week in our year.”

    --Transracial Adoptive Parent

    "Pact Camp helps me sort it all out. And points me in the right direction when I get lost and shut down. It also forces me to see what I sometimes don't want to. But in doing so, it helps my daughter feel less alone.”

    --Adoptive Parent

    “This camp is the place where my daughter appears to be liberated to be her full self. This is our first time here, and after the first day, our 9 year old stated that we’re coming every year. I’m grateful that we’re coming at an even younger age for my four year old as he is more aware as we are, too.”

    --Adoptive Parent

    "I have never been part of such an enlightening experience and supportive group. My son is only 8 months old now, but he is absolutely sure to benefit from this environment for years and years to come."

    --Adoptive Parent

    "This was my first year at camp and all I can say without writing a novel is that this overall experience has truly been amazing. I feel so grateful and honored to have been a part of the Pact family as it is a community where I can look out and be conforted with a total sense of love, acceptance, and belonging for who I am and the family that I was adopted into."

    --Camp Counselor/Adult Adoptee

    "Can we come back to Pact Camp again next week?"

    --4-year-old first-time camper

    "I think Pact Camp should be AT LEAST 2 weeks long because it so much fun. It’s my favorite camp and my second home. I am glad I am adopted because it means I can go to Pact Camp every year."

    --11-year-old camper

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