Pact provides lifelong learning, to help you meet your children's needs at every age and developmental stage.

Parenting is a humbling experience — there is always more to learn. Pact's educational programs have a nationwide reputation for excellence, particularly on the subject of adoption and race. We offer a broad range of learning opportunities led by Pact staff as well as other experts in the field. Programs range from single-session workshops to our weeklong Pact Family Camp. Whatever the format, you will find sensitive, experienced facilitators and a community of other adoptive parents who share your questions and concerns.

Workshops, Webinars & Trainings
Each month Pact offers at least one educational program specifically designed for adoptive families. Learn more »

Pact Family Camp
Our annual Pact Family Camp brings together adopted children of color and their families for a week of learning, growing, sharing — and good, old-fashioned summer camp fun! Many families have told us that their time at Camp had a profound effect, offering them a community they can't find anyplace else. Learn more »

Learning by Reading

At Pact, we are firm believers in the educational impact of reading, for both adults and children. Our placement process includes required reading for all pre-adoptive parents. To support your independent learning, we offer:

Find books dealing with adoption, parenting, and race, and Pact's opinionated take on them! Learn more »

Pact's Point of View
Our quarterly publication for Pact members. Learn more »

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