When Asian/Pacific Islander infants being born in the United States are in need of placement, and the expectant parents are seeking adoptive families that match the child’s race or ethnicity, Pact seeks to have prospective adopters of Asian descent ready and available to adopt.

Families of color, including Asian and Pacific Islander adoptive and birth parents, are under-served in adoption. Pact works to make adoption ethical and accessible by ensuring that placement services are available to all qualified parents, including low- and middle-income families.

“Pact worked with our son’s birth mother to find the kind of family she wanted and we were so honored when she chose us. It all happened faster than we ever thought possible. We were over the moon the day he came home with us. Our family couldn’t be more happy. It was so important to us that his birth mother was treated with respect and supported throughout the process. Thank you Pact for your care and compassion.”

Pictured: Mom and Baby

Pact puts children and the human side of adoption before the “business” side.

“As first time adopters, we were shocked and dismayed at the ‘business side’ of the adoption industry. Pact was a breath of fresh air -- they put the child first and kept the focus on becoming parents instead of treating us like customers in a business transaction. For us, they made a sometimes slimy process better, and when we brought home our son, we couldn’t have been more grateful for the guidance and support they gave us.”

Pictured: Three-Week-Old Family

Pact educates pre-adoptive parents and helps them act in the child’s best interest.

“We were afraid of open adoption, but Pact worked with us to believe in the process. Now we realize that children don’t have to choose. We respect the women who allowed us to parent our children and realize that our children benefit from knowing they are loved by their first mothers as well as us. We don’t feel threatened, we are all their real parents, we just have different roles. We couldn’t love or feel connected to our children more!”

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