Adoption services includes placement of African American infants

Did you know Pact places infants of color for adoption?
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Pact helps pre-adoptive parents wanting to adopt African American, Latino, Asian, Native American and multiracial children born anywhere in the United States. The majority of our placements involve at least one adoptive parent who shares the racial or ethnic heritage of their child.

Our priority is on African American adoption because approximately 75% of the children we place have at least one African American birth parent - for this reason we particularly seek African American adoptive parents.

Learn more about adoption through Pact, at no-obligation orientations, to gather information about the process of adopting a child of color.

In person orientation meetings are offered in Oakland, California in January, May and September.

Conference call orientation meetings are offered for pre-adopters nationwide in March, July and November.

Register to attend using our Events Calendar by selecting the drop down "For Pre-Adoptive Parents Especially"

For more questions about our adoptive placement services feel free to contact us at the emails below.

Adoptive parents of color (and their parenting partners)

Transracial adoptive parents (adopting across racial lines)

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