Pact was founded by two mothers who adopted across racial lines, and addressing the special challenges of transracial adoption is central to much of our programming (including consultations, workshops, trainings, and Pact Family Camp). We know that transracial adoptive parents can benefit greatly from connecting with other families who share their experiences. We encourage you to join our:

Online Affinity Group for Families with Adopted Children of Color

This discussion group was originally established by parents who attended Pact Family Camp, but is now open to all families interested in issues relating to raising adopted children of color, not just Pact Camp alumni (though all Pact Campers are encouraged to join and keep up the community they formed at Camp). This is a forum where adoptive parents can share their questions, concerns, and opinions about parenting, adoption, and race as well as information about events or resources that are relevant to adoptive families parenting children of color. Parents of all racial backgrounds are welcome. The majority of the participants on this group live in Northern California but families from across the country are invited to participate.

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About Online Affinity Groups: You are welcome to join more than one group. Pact staff members monitor but generally do not participate in parents' online discussions (except as parents themselves) unless comments are made that are inflammatory or violate Pact's principles (see Overview & Mission).

I'm part of an interracial couple: where do I fit in?

Pact works with quite a lot of couples in which one parent shares the same race or ethnicity as their adopted child (or at least shares the experience of being a person of color), while the other parent does not. These couples are welcome to participate in our support groups for Parents of Color, as well as all the other groups listed above.

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