Families looking to adopt Latino/Hispanic (or biracial) infants

Below you can see some families who currently looking to adopt children of color. If you are interested in learning more about them, click here to request access to full profiles of all the families.

Latino/Hispanic individuals/couples

There are no families currently available.

Latino/Hispanic interracial couples or multiracial individuals

Maricela & Erick: This multiracial and bilingual couple is excited and ready to adopt. They are committed to an open adoption. Informacion de la Familia disponible en Espanol.

Renee & David: This interracial couple is excited and ready to start their family through adoption. David and Renee are both directly connected to adoption, and understand the importance of family and open adoption.

Individual/couples looking to adopt transracially *

There are no families currently available.

*Pact supports and prepares pre-adoptive parents to adopt across racial lines. These families must complete a 3-part process with Pact where they explore direct connections to communities of color in their own location that will help them support their child and understand the significance of race for their child and their family once they adopt.

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