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An adoptive father and his african american adopted child It is too easy for white folks to hold their own experiences and sense of race and racism in equal standing with those who live the daily experience of not being white in America. Whiteness is privilege, and part of white privilege is to think that there is no white culture or that “whiteness” cannot be defined. White privilege is defined as the unearned advantages of being white in a racially stratified society. Articles include explorations of white privilege and its implications for parents of adopted children of color.

Pact is nationally recognized for its position as an anti-racist organization; this commitment is reflected in every service we offer. It is at the very core of our mission to support white adults who are willing to acknowledge the benefits they experience as a result of racial bias, and offer safe zones for them to explore how they can become allies to communities of color, including those into which their children were born. For prospective adoptive parents, we offer pre-placement consultations and placement services that start from the assumption that racism exists and that parents adopting children of color must be prepared to address racism directly in order to meet their children’s needs. For prospective birth parents, we offer services that are respectful, non-judgmental, and pressure-free, because we believe no woman of color should receive lower-quality services than her white counterpart. The emphasis on acknowledging and fighting racism continues in our online chat groups, our educational workshops and conferences, our nationally acclaimed Pact Family Camp, one-on-one consultations, and regional parent-organized affiliates in Northern California, Southern California, and throughout the U.S. Become a member of Pact to take advantage of all these resources and to receive our newsletter, Pact’s Point of View, which features many articles on intersection of adoption, race, and parenting. Pact members receive a discount at our online bookstore, which features great reads on this topic. We also recommend blogs and other online resources that we believe have the very best advice and information for adoptive families of children of color about adoption, race, and parenting.

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Acknowledging White Privilege in Interracial Adoption

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Are we parenting in a Post-Racial Society?

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