An Adoptive Parents of Color gathering All too often, the needs of people of color are marginalized at every stage in the adoption journey. Pact is doing something about it with our Adoptive Parents of Color Circle.

Over the last twenty years, our organization has evolved to the point that currently, in 95% of our infant placements, at least one adoptive parent shares the same race as the child.

At the same time, many participants in Pact’s educational and support programs continue to be transracial adopters (primarily white parents with African American or other children of color) who need a great deal of help to address racial issues. While we welcome their involvement and want to support their children, sometimes their participation can overwhelm the needs and questions of African American, Latino, Asian, Native American and other parents of color, who need a safe and supportive space in which to explore their own concerns and think about their own approach to helping their children process their feelings about being adopted. This is why we have an Adoptive Parents of Color Fund.

We know that there are very few programs or organizations that specifically serve the needs of adoptive parents of color and their children. Building on our existing track record, Pact is establishing the Adoptive Parents of Color Circle, a network of family-based support groups for same-race adoptive families throughout the country. We are also launching a national campaign called “Yes, We Do Adopt,” highlighting adoptive families headed by parents of color. We want to dispel the myth that people of color are not adopting or don’t have a long tradition of taking care of their own. We will challenge these notions by sharing the stories of adoptive parents of color and their families. Through photographs and personal narratives, “Yes, We Do Adopt” will bring to light the true diversity of the adoption community, making members of our community visible and inspiring more support for people of color who are adoptive parents.

Help us bring together adoptive families of children of color in a variety of informal and structured situations, creating safe space where families can talk with each other about the issues they are facing and learn new methods to handle the unique issues coming up for their children. When we provide adoptive parents of color with a supportive environment in which to share their experiences, bottled-up stories and emotions come pouring forth and new models for family interactions become possible. We have received a generous matching challenge of $10,000. If you give to the Adoptive Parents of Color Fund now, your tax-deductible gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar, so every dollar you contribute will generate two dollars for this important initiative.

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