two adopted siblings eating ice creamPact Family Camp. offers adopted children of color and their family members deep learning, and strong connections mixed with some serious fun. We create a safe environment where children and their families can speak hard truths about adoption, family, and race among others who understand. From around the country, adopted children of color, adoptive parents, non-adopted siblings, and a growing number of extended family and birth family members, gather together with adopted adults, nationally recognized experts in the field of child welfare, and our amazing counselors and mentors, all of whom are committed to helping the children find their voices and value themselves. Pact Family Camp is a unique opportunity for children and adults alike to learn and grow in a way that sustains them throughout the year.

Please make a tax-deductible donation to Pact’s Camp Fund

When you give to Pact’s Camp Fund you are helping in two important ways by:

  • MAKING A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE Donating to our Camp Fund supports the journey of adoptive families in low and middle income situations who would like to attend Camp but cannot do so without significant financial subsidies. Pact’s Camp Fund ensures that this important experience is accessible and available across socioeconomic divides.
  • SUPPORTING TOMORROW'S LEADERS Pact's mentor staff depend on their summer earnings to continue their education and do important work in their communities. You can help ensure they are compensated for their significant role and impact on the adopted and foster children who attend Pact Family Camp by donating to our Camp Fund.

Check out this video to see what Pact Family Camp means to children and parents


Luckily, Pact has Elena’s Fund, which was created to support our camp program after Elena Santaballa and her husband attended Pact Family Camp for the first time in 2010 with their two young children, Xavi and Ivy Elena (pictured above at their first Pact Family Camp in 2010). Tragically, Elena lost her life to cancer a mere two months later. Elena and her family designated Pact Family Camp as an important part of her legacy because of the difference it made to her and her children, who have attended every year since.

At the heart of Elena’s Fund is a matching challenge. For every dollar you give, Elena’s Fund will receive two dollars up to $50,000.

Please make a tax-deductible donation to Elena’s Fund today, so the impact of your gift can be doubled. Help families and children who need to be there, attend Pact Family Camp in the coming year and help us sponsor our incredible mentoring staff, who sacrifice so much to inspire and support the adopted and fostered children of color at Camp.

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