If adopted children of color are important to you, please include Pact in your charitable giving.

An newborn infant There is so much we know that is necessary to the health and well-being of adopted children of color, the very children that Pact serves so well! At Pact we know that, for adopted children, placement is only the beginning. Even children placed for adoption as newborn infants need post-placement support to process the complex feelings associated with letting go of one set of parents, and falling in love with another. Adoption is one of those experiences that is both messy and beautiful: The joy of new connections cannot be separated from the loss of old ones, or the loss of the way things might have been. In a fundamental way, children must process these experiences in order to thrive.

Education and support are as essential as food, water, and love to the long-term health and success of all adopted people and their families. Adoption and race are complicated in a world where most people are raised by the parents that gave birth to them, and where people of color still struggle for equity and justice. At Pact, we know we must speak honestly and openly about the realities of racism, and the challenges that children and youth of color face in our not-so-colorblind society. We know that when we talk about the complex truths of adoption with honesty and courage, we create opportunities for families to become closer and stronger, and for children to feel more comfortable in their full identity – which always includes at least two families.

An adopted mother and her newborn adopted babyOur educational programing gives young people and the adults who love them, the tools they need to take care of themselves, and to stand up for positive change. Check out our Annual Reports for “Pact Family Stories,” deeply personal stories about the people we serve, as well as facts and figures about all that Pact has been able to accomplish over the years. I hope you be will inspired to join with us to accomplish even more in the coming year.

Pact is always striving to reach and serve more families. To continue this important and necessary work, we need your help! The sliding-scale, income-based fees that Pact collects for its services do not cover all the costs of operations. Thirty-five percent of our budget comes from donations, grants, and in-kind contributions. Pact could not do what it does without the generous support of individual donors like you.

An adopted sibling holding her newborn baby sisterPact has two special funds to which you can give. Both of these funds have challenges that will allow your gift to be matched, doubling the dollar amount available to Pact. If you give to Pact’s general fund your gift will be used wherever the need is greatest.

Pact’s Camp Fund: Your contribution will help keep the transformative experience of Pact Family Camp affordable to families of all income levels, by funding scholarships and covering administrative costs. Also called Elena’s Fund, it is named after an adoptive mother who passed away and left a legacy of money a fund that will match donations given by others to double the impact of your gift.

Pact’s New Baby Fund: Your contribution will help Pact continue to offer option counseling and adoption services at no charge, to expectant parents considering adoption. It will also enable us to provide placement services to pre-adoptive families on a steep sliding scale, so that qualified low- and middle-income families are not barred from adopting because they can’t afford it. Gifts to this fund will be doubled (up to $10,000) by a matching grant given by the Hartley Family Foundation.

Thank you for your support and your generosity!

We couldn’t do what we do without you. Remember: Adoption is a lifelong journey. It is never too early and never too late to make a difference in the life of an adopted person

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