An adopted infant walking A gift to Pact’s New Baby Fund means that expectant parents who want to make the best choice for their child receive ethical options counseling. It also means that pre-adoptive parents who can afford to parent but not afford the fees associated with adopting have access to adoption.

Please give to Pact’s New Baby Fund now.

Pact works to make adoption accessible by ensuring not only that placement services are available to all qualified parents—including low- and middle-income families—but also that they are done ethically. Families of color, in particular African American, Latino and a growing number of Asian adoptive parents, are underserved in adoption. Our priority is to find parents who will meet the needs of the children we serve—not the other way around.

“We knew we could afford to parent but couldn’t see how we could possibly afford to adopt when everywhere we called was talking about $20,000 or more! Pact told us we were a needy family and because they valued our African American roots they saw us as a resource for a child instead of a 'paying client.' When our daughter Mariah came home, we told ourselves that when we finish school and are more financially stable, Pact will be our number one donation priority so more families like ours and children like Mariah have options that place human life at the center rather than the bottom line. Please accept this first payment of our monthly pledge to support Pact’s New Baby Fund in our daughter’s name…”

In an era where the ugly “business” aspect of adoption is more and more apparent, Pact serves as a national model for how placement should be conducted. Parents are recruited and prepared to meet children’s needs, rather than treated as consumers “shopping” for a child. No child can afford to wait for a loving family. Individuals who wish to adopt across racial lines can be wonderful parents to children of color, but only if they are willing and able to support their child’s heritage.

Pact believes that pregnant women (and their partners) should have choices when facing an unplanned pregnancy, and that women of color who are considering adoption are too often denied access to the pregnancy options available to their white counterparts.

A sleeping adopted infant

“I want my baby to know that she was loved and was never just a throw-away. I can’t keep her or give her what she needs but I can make sure I do everything in my power to find her a family that can. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but without Pact I feel as if all of my children would have suffered. Thank you.”

In the early months of a pregnancy, there are three options to consider: Keeping the child to be raised in the family, terminating the pregnancy (abortion), or placing the child to be raised by an adoptive family. We help women and families explore the pros and cons of each option without judgment or pressure. Counseling is provided free-of-charge, whether the client decides to pursue adoption. At Pact, our guiding principle is simple: The child’s needs always come first. We work with expectant parents to help them determine whether adoption is the best option for them and their child. If the decision is made to pursue placement, we can connect expectant parents with strong, loving families who are ready and eager to parent. For parents who chose to place their children in adoption, we provide follow-up services to ease the post-placement transition.

Gifts to Pact’s New Baby Fund will be doubled (up to $10,000) by a matching grant given by the Hartley Family Foundation.

Thank you for your support and your generosity! We couldn’t do what we do without you. Remember, adoption is a lifelong journey. It is never too early and never too late to make a difference in the life of an adopted person

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