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A biracial adopted child

Pact is here for adopted children of color and their families.

Pact’s mission is to serve adopted children of color. In every case, the child is always our primary client. In order to best serve children's needs, we provide not only adoptive placement but lifelong education, support, and community for adoptees and their families on issues of adoption and race. Our goal is for every child to feel wanted, honored and loved, a cherished member of their communities with proud connections to their cultural heritage. We advocate for honesty and authenticity in matters of race and adoption. We strongly believe that adopted children's and adults' connections to birth family and birth heritage should be respected and maintained. We are committed to identifying, resisting, and uprooting inter-personal and systemic racism wherever it arises, in the adoption community, within families, and throughout society. We also strive to identify and counteract "adoptism," an unfortunately common social prejudice that challenges the legitimacy of the choice to place a child for adoption or to build a family by adoption.

We believe:

  • Racism and "adoptism" exist and must be actively combated.
  • Every child deserves to grow up in a stable, nurturing home.
  • Expectant parents deserve the opportunity to consider all available options, including parenting their own children.
  • When adoption is necessary, same-race adoption is easier for children.
  • Transracial adoption can work if parents are serious about confronting their own racism and helping their children build a positive racial identity.
  • Adopted children and adults deserve as much information about and connection to their birth heritage as possible.
  • Adopted people should have access to all of their records and birth history.
  • Children thrive when they have the opportunity and support to explore all aspects of their identity.

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We are a multicultural organization from top to bottom. Our staff and board of directors are racially diverse and reflect all positions of the adoption triad.

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