"Being a transracial adoptee growing up was a bitter sweet experience. I always felt unique and special, but at times I yearned to connect with others that shared my experience. As an adult, having other adult adoptees in my life has given me the validation and support that I was lacking. It is without a doubt essential to my identity development and overall happiness.”

– Mariah Dixon-Wheeler, Adoptee of Color

Bay Area Monthly Drop-In Group

Pact offers a free, drop-in, peer-led support group specifically for adoptees of color. This group will be a safe space for adult adoptees of color to connect, listen and share their experiences of growing up in an adoptive family. Space will also be provided for participants to explore and share experiences around international adoption, foster care, transracial adoption, search and reunion and other topics of interest to the group.

The group, led by adult adoptees of color meets monthly on the 1st Tuesday of the month, check Pact's event calendar to confirm dates and times. The group meets at the Pact office, and participants must be over 18. Please contact adopteesofcolor@pactadopt.org with any questions.

Private Facebook Group for Adopted and Fostered Adults of Color

This group is open to adults of color who were adopted or are foster care alum. The group is administered by Pact, An Adoption Alliance and closed to the public to encourage more intimate sharing and ensure privacy. Pact’s private Facebook group is a space for sharing your experiences, insights, and camaraderie with others who share your experiences.

Register to join this group » (Pact membership while not required is encouraged to help keep Pact funded to provide services to adopted children of color, their families and friends.)

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