Camp Kids

Pact Family Camp is a weeklong summer retreat where adopted children of color of all ages—and their families—share experiences and build community while learning from experts and each other. Pact Family Camp offers you and your children life-changing learning experiences—as well as fun family activities, comfortable resort accommodations, and fully catered meals. Join us!

At Pact Family Camp:

  • Adopted children of color get support learning and talking about their identities, from role-model mentors who understand them
  • Most camp counselors and featured speakers are people of color with a personal connection to adoption
  • Parents learn and grow as much as their children do
  • We address the complexity of having two families
  • We recognize the impact of loss and trauma
  • We bond and celebrate as a community


Two Locations

Pact Family Camp West

(July 10-15, 2022) will be at Chaminade Resort & Spa, situated on 300 wooded acres in scenic Santa Cruz, CA. Site amenities include walking and bike trails, heated swimming pool and hot tub, an onsite rope course, a full fitness room, and spa services by appointment. Capacity for up to 140 families (500+ individuals of all ages).

Pact Family Camp East

(August 2-7, 2022) will be at the Callaway Gardens Spa & Resort, located on 2,500 acres of land in Pine Mountain, GA. Amenities include walking and bike trails, a swimming pool and hot tub, a lake, a butterfly exhibit, zip-line course, a fitness room, and spa services by appointment. Capacity for up to 110 families (400+ individuals of all ages).

Making camp a safe experience for everyone is our top priority against COVID-19. The following will be in place:

  • VACCINATIONS: We are requiring everyone on site who is 5 and older to be fully vaccinated. This includes families, counselors, and Pact staff.
  • CLOSED CAMPUS: To further ensure everyone’s safety, we will be creating a camp bubble we will have a closed campus for the duration of camp, from the opening to the closing. Parent’s will be able to leave the site as long as they stay masked. Additionally, no outside guests/visitors will be allowed on site.
  • MASKS: Everyone on site will be wearing masks at ALL times. The only exception to this rule would be children 2 and under.

The Pact Family Camp Experience

“I have found great commonality between my own experience of racial ambiguity raised by a white mother and that of many of youth who attend our Camps. My passion is supporting children in defining their identity in positive ways in a racialized world and creating a safe space where we can all work to support the youth and create a more just world for them to grow into. I cannot wait to welcome you all.”

Deanna Matthews
Pact Family Camp Director

At Pact Family Camp, families with adopted children of color–from infants to teens–gather for five days to have fun, build community, and learn together as part of Pact’s child-centered, race-conscious, honesty-based approach to adoption, race and family. Families enjoy the comforts of an all-inclusive resort vacation, including hotel-style accommodations and amenities, and fully catered meals. Pact’s core staff are on-site to make sure camp goes smoothly, and over 75% of the counselors have been with us for three years or more. You can count on this highly experienced team to deliver a well-organized and thoughtful program for both children and adults!

A typical day at camp consists of concurrent programming for adults and children, all centered around race, adoption and family. After your camp day is over, there are optional family activities in the afternoon and evening to promote community. No one should travel the lifelong journey of adoption in isolation. The relationships built at Pact Family Camp can last long after the week is over. Youth Program

Children spend their days in age-matched groups with counselors who reflect their racial and/or adoption identities. They learn to talk about race, adoption and family in a way that promotes belonging while acknowledging trauma. For many kids, Pact Family Camp is the one place where they really feel they belong. From preschoolers to high school students, each group has many opportunities for sharing experiences, making friends, and having fun!

Adult Program

While the children are in their programs, adults learn from thought-provoking keynote speakers, interactive workshops, discussion groups, film screenings and performances. Through education, sharing, and community-building, parents leave camp better equipped to walk alongside their children on their adoption journey.

Family Time

There’s plenty of time for fun too! In the afternoon and throughout the evening, we offer family crafts, game nights, swimming, ice cream socials, camp fires, and dance parties. These optional activities are great opportunities for your family to relax and have fun together as your day winds down.

Who comes to Pact Family Camp? Click to expand

We are committed to ensuring a safe, positive, and supportive space for adoptive parents of color and their families, who are too often under-served in adoption. Parents of color currently make up about one-third of the adoptive parents attending Pact Family Camp. We cultivate a welcoming, inclusive, multiracial community for all participating families. However, we recognize that adoptive parents of color have different priorities than white transracial adoptive parents. We offer options throughout the week that allow adoptive parents of color to choose programming designed specifically to meet their needs, and gather in affinity spaces designated exclusively for them.

“So many of us expressed our relief with the number of POC-headed families and the time set aside for us each day. It is incredible to find an organization that understands and values the experiences of adoptive parents of color.”—Adoptive parent of color
At Pact Family Camp, white parents of adopted and fostered children of color make up about two-thirds of the adults in attendance. We offer specific programming focused on parenting across racial lines and “brave spaces” in which to explore concepts of racial identity, including white supremacy and white fragility. We place great value on creating opportunities for everyone to interact as a multiracial community, while recognizing the value of having affinity groups where folks can dig deeply into the complex intersections of race, adoption and identity for children who are adopted transracially.

“Camp changed our lives. Though we considered ourselves to be aware of the intensity of the journey we are on, Pact Camp renewed our dedication to the raising of a strong black woman and of continuing to be the anti-racist advocates that we have been, but on a more active level. It gave us information and tools to be better parents.”– White transracial adoptive parent
In too many adoption settings, first/birth parents and their families are marginalized and made to feel unwelcome. We are delighted when adoptive and first/birth families in open adoptions are able to attend Pact Family Camp together, as a way of deepening their relationships. First/birth parents are included in Camp as full program participants, and some serve as guest speakers or counselors. We offer opportunities for first/birth parents to gather as a group at Camp for peer support and education.

“Pact Camp is a community unlike any other. It continually awakens awareness and compassion for everyone impacted by adoption. Knowing that I am not alone and have a safe space to share my feelings and questions–the most important thing for me was being around others who either share my experience or value my experience; helping me to release the emotional pain of my decision.”—First/Birth Parent Camper
At Pact, we believe in placing the needs of adopted people at the center of our work. No one knows more about the experience of adopted children of color than adult adoptees of color. Each year 30-50 adult adoptees and former foster youth of color participate in Pact Family Camp, primarily as youth counselors and guest speakers. Listening deeply to and learning from the expertise of adopted adults of color is an absolutely essential part of Pact Family Camp.

“Every exchange – and I truly do mean every exchange – was such an incredible opportunity to grow, to learn and to challenge myself in a way that I hope brings forth real change in my own life. The chance to stretch myself and to be given multiple opportunities to do so much meaningful and relevant self-exploration in a safe, supportive and loving community is nothing short of a true gift – and I am truly indebted to you both for providing this profound experience in my life.”– Adult adoptee

Camp Fees & Registration

Pact Family Camp is a five-day all-inclusive experience; camp fees cover resort-style accommodations and amenities, all meals, and a fully-staffed program of daily activities for adults, children, and families. We offer sliding-scale fees that keeps Camp affordable for lower- and middle-income families. Discounts are available for first-time attendees, adoptive parents of color, birth parents, and Pact members. We award more than $80,000 in scholarships to income-qualified families that can lower the cost to as little as $200/individual.

Pact Family Camp is in high demand and there is a limit on the number of families that can be accommodated. We use a lottery system to ensure that those who hope to attend have an equitable opportunity. To enter the lottery, you must register for Pact Family Camp and submit a deposit of $200 per camper by December 2, 2021. Families selected in the lottery will be notified by January 4, 2022.

Registrations received after December 2, 2021 will be added to the camp waiting list.

Camp Fees, Discounts and Scholarships

Family Income $0-99K $100-$119K $120-$149K $150-$199K >$200-249K $250-300K >$300k
Single Adult $2,131.50 $2,535.75 $3,465.00 $3,569.00 $4,389.00 $5,082.00 $5,234.50
Family of 2 $2,766.75 $3,286.50 $4,504.50 $4,640.50 $5,659.50 $6,588.75 $6,786.50
Family of 3 $2,997.75 $3,575.25 $4,908.75 $5,056.00 $6,357.75 $7,628.25 $7,857.00
Family of 4 $3,228.75 $3,869.25 $5,313.00 $5,472.50 $6,993.00 $8,673.00 $8,933.50
Family of 5 $3,465.00 $4,158.00 $5,664.75 $5,834.00 $7,512.75 $9,481.50 $9,766.00
Teen Fee $525.00
Financial AssistanceFamilies with lower incomes (listed below) have the opportunity to complete a scholarship application and qualify for subsidized program fees based on financial need:
  • Single Adult under $50K
  • Family of 2 under $75K
  • Family of 3 under $100K
  • Family of 4 under $110K
  • Family of 5 under $120K

Discounts and Special Fees (more than one may apply)

  • Current Pact members receive a discount of $100 per family. Join Pact
  • The first 30 families to register who are attending Pact Family Camp for the first time receive a special discount of $250 as a way of saying “Welcome to our community!”
  • Up to 30 adoptive parents of color who register to attend Pact Family Camp for the first time will receive a $250 family discount, in support our efforts to grow this community at Pact Family Camp (resulting with the above discount in a total reduction of $500).
  • Teens (ages 13-18) at Pact Family Camp participate in a highly independent program; unlike the younger children, they spend more of their time with their peers and counselors, participating in a number of special activities and excursions, reconnecting with their families only at the end of the night. Due to the labor-intensive nature of the teen program, there is an additional fee of $550 per teen camper.
  • Scholarships: We want Pact Family Camp to be accessible to families of all income levels. Both adoptive and first families who fit the Scholarship Eligible requirements above are invited to apply for need-based scholarships. Depending on income level and family size, scholarships can allow individuals to attend camp for as little as $200. There is high demand so be sure to register and submit your scholarship application by November 31, 2021.

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