Healthy African American Infants Need Families Now

Families of color, in particular African American adoptive parents, are underserved in adoption. Pact works to make adoption ethical and accessible by ensuring that Placement Services are available to all qualified parents, including low- and middle-income families.

African American and Interracial couples adopting through Pact

African American and interracial couples are needed families.

“After a year of preparing to adopt, someone told us about Pact. We were uncertain about working with an organization that wasn’t local. But we were there for our daughter’s birth just a few months later. Our son came to us a few years later. We really believe in this organization.”
Pictured from left to right: Cameron, Quentin, Zoe and Amanda

Single adults and couples of all religions, genders, and sexual orientations can adopt.

“My primary goal in life was to become a father, and I was determined to do so even without a partner. What a gift my son's birth parents gave me in helping me realize that dream!”

Pictured from left to right: Marleigh & Michael

Pact fees are charged on a sliding scale based on income/assets.

“We believe God wanted us to become parents. When the doctors told us it wouldn’t happen, we became foster parents to two little girls, but they were reunited with their birth mother and we were devastated. Two years later we heard about Pact. Fees worried us, but Pact worked out a manageable budget. Kalen came home to us and we couldn’t be happier.” Left to right: Delores, Kalen and Andre

An adoptive family with their baby

Pact simplifies the complicated adoption process.

“When we began the adoption process we were nervous and worried about everything. Could we afford the fees? Would we be chosen? After we met Dashawn, we realized that we needn’t have been so scared. Pact was with us every step of the way and they took care to help us understand his birth mother’s needs while listening to ours. It was important to us to work with an agency that understands race, is LGBTQ friendly and places African American children and parents as their highest priority.”

Pictured from left to right: Mandisa, Dashawn and Madeline

Love and commitment make a family.

“It is love and commitment to the African American community that made us adopt, even though we have other children. We connected beautifully with Kory’s first mother — we think of her as extended family and we respect her decision. When Kory came home to us he became our son — forever and without a doubt — he is ours and we are his.”
Pictured from left to right: Robin, Kai, Kory and Kymar

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