Pact knows that it is important for parents and children in adoptive families to interact with other people who share their experiences. That’s why we support groups around the country who are working to support adopted children of color and their families, wherever they live in the United States.

To promote the formation of new support groups and to help groups that have already formed, we offer a collaborative model of mutual benefits. Pact Regional Member-Run Family Support Groups are listed on the Pact website and are offered consultation and support from Pact which we hope will promote the group’s effectiveness in serving adoptive parents, children, and their families.

Pact members who are interested in starting a support group as well as those who would like their existing support group to enjoy the benefits of working with Pact are invited to contact us to learn more about how they can participate.

Benefits of becoming a Pact Regional Member-Run Family Support Group:

  • Free organizational Pact membership for first year. After the first year, Pact Regional Member-Run Family Groups have the opportunity to continue their affiliation by becoming organizational members, offered on a sliding scale (upper limit of $100/year). Organizational membership includes access to Pact’s quarterly newsletter Pact Point of View and all of our electronic and paper-published resources.
  • Each Pact Regional Member-Run group is listed on Pact’s website, which has high traffic of visitors from across the country.
  • For more than 20 years, Pact has offered volunteer-run groups and non-profit organizations the help and insight of an organization that has been supporting members of the adoption triad (adoptees, adoptive siblings, birth/first parents, and adoptive parents). We are particularly interested in assisting groups led by members who are personally touched by adoption!
  • Becoming a Pact Regional Member-Run Group gives your group the opportunity to learn and grow without having to reinvent the wheel, because you can participate in both one-on-one and group consultations with the largest non-profit in the US supporting adopted children of color and their family members.
    • Organizers of Pact Regional Member-Run Groups are eligible for an initial meeting/consultation to learn about what Pact can offer and what the Member-Run group can receive from Pact both administratively and programmatically.
    • Organizers are eligible to have free quarterly conference call consultations with other regional group leaders from around the country as well as having ten hours per year of individual consultation with Pact regarding particular issues relevant to their specific group, free of charge.
    • New groups receive guidance in conceptualizing the kind of group they want to create, while existing groups receive support in expanding and enhancing what they do.
    • All groups can receive leadership training, administrative help, and technical support; access to educational resources; and outreach to the over 20,000 contacts that Pact has throughout the country, to find other like-minded individuals in their regions.
  • Each Pact Regional Member-Run group receives Pact materials at least quarterly and a copy of each issue of Pact's Point of View, free of charge, to share among group members who are not yet members of Pact themselves. Organizers of Pact Regional Member-Run groups can have electronic and/or hard-copy materials created by Pact made available to their group.
  • Pact Regional Member-Run groups can have Pact manage an online regional Google Chat Group, through which group members can share resources and conversation.
  • Members of Pact Regional Member-Run groups can participate in online education offered by Pact at discounted prices (and in some cases, free of charge).

If you are starting a new organization, read more.

If you are with an existing organization interested in becoming a Regional Member-Run Support group, read more.

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