Adolescence is always a volatile, vulnerable time, and it can be especially so for adopted children of color. When we talk to adoptive parents of teens, they ask for groups where they can find other parents in similar situations to talk with about new behaviors and complicated feelings they see in their children. They want to connect with other adoptive parents to share stories, positive parenting moments, strategies, and ideas for how to best support and understand their teens. Learn more about our:

And for teens and tweens themselves, we have:

Private Facebook Group for Adoptive Parents of Teens & Tweens of Color

This is a group where adoptive parents with children of color ages 10 and older can connect with others parenting similarly aged children, to find peer support and new ideas about how to parent their adopted children as they navigate the challenges of identity and independence. Parents of all racial backgrounds are welcome.

Register to join this group » (Pact membership while not required is encouraged to help keep Pact funded to provide services to adopted children of color, their families and friends).

About Online Affinity Groups: You are welcome to join more than one group. Pact staff members monitor but generally do not participate in parents' online discussions (except as parents themselves) unless comments are made that are inflammatory or violate Pact's principles (see Overview & Mission).

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Pact Teen and Tween Clubs

As adopted children come of age, they need a safe space where they can explore their emerging feelings about adoption with others who share their experiences. Pact Teen Club is a social group especially for adopted and fostered teens of color in the San Francisco Bay Area. The monthly meetings alternate between mentoring sessions that include facilitated discussions about race and being adopted, and social activities and projects. The Tween group meets at the same time as the Teen group, but has its own mentors and activities.

Learn more about Teen Club »

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