Parenting as a single mother or father presents special challenges. Single parents are warmly welcomed at Pact Family Camp and all Pact workshops, and as participants in our many online groups and facilitated discussion series. At Pact events for adults, we try to provide on-site childcare whenever possible. In addition, to provide a forum where single adoptive parents can share their unique issues, we created an:

Private Facebook Group for Single Adoptive Parents of Children of Color

This group connects single adoptive parents of children of color so they can share advice, information, and support with one another. Parents of all racial backgrounds are welcome.

Register to join this group » (Pact membership while not required is encouraged to help keep Pact funded to provide services to adopted children of color, their families and friends.)

About Online Affinity Groups: You are welcome to join more than one group. Pact staff members monitor but generally do not participate in parents' online discussions (except as parents themselves) unless comments are made that are inflammatory or violate Pact's principles (see Overview & Mission).

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