Adoption is a lifelong pact.

Maybe you are just beginning to explore the possibility of adopting. Maybe you feel sure that adoption is right for your family. Maybe you have already created a family through adoption. Whatever your situation, Pact is here to work with you.

Pact is a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve adopted children of color. Our goal is for every child to feel wanted, honored, and loved, a cherished member of a strong family with proud connections to the rich cultural heritage that is his or her birthright. We do much more than just adoption placement—though helping to create new adoptive families is one of the most joyful things we do. We believe in utilizing the wisdom of research and life experience to enhance your chances for parenting success. We offer ongoing education and support because we know adoption is not over when the legal documents are finalized—adoption is a lifelong experience.

We are a multicultural organization from top to bottom, and almost all of our staff and board members are either adoptive parents or adopted people. We know that strong, loving families can be created through adoption—and that adoption is a complex experience that should not be undertaken lightly. Our consultations, educational programs, and support groups are all designed to provide adoptive parents with the skills and knowledge required to successfully meet their children's needs on the road from infancy to adulthood.

Pact is known around the country for its work on adoption and race. We are vocal advocates for ethical, honest, anti-racist adoption practices. We actively recruit adoptive parents of color, we have specific programs and support groups for adoptive parents of color, and we have designed special trainings for white parents (and others) who want to adopt across racial lines. Pact works to educate the community at large about issues related to adoption and race through public lectures, media interviews, in-service trainings, curriculum development, and more.

Adoption is a lifelong journey. We invite you to learn more about how Pact can help you along the way.

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