We can start talking with you right away, but can help you more effectively if you complete these forms. Please include:

  1. Your completed Getting to Know You form (129KB | ).
  2. Your picture and pictures of your children if you have any.
  3. The expectant father's completed Getting to Know You form (126KB | ). If he cannot fill it out, fill it out as best as you can for him.
  4. The expectant father's picture and pictures of his children if he has any.
  5. Your signed Client Agreement (158KB | ).
  6. Your Medical Record Release and Pregnancy Verification (171KB | ), signed by your doctor or an authorized person from your medical practice.
  7. Your completed and signed Affidavit/Declaration of Paternity (86KB | ). This document is very important, and must be completed and signed by you.
  8. Waivers of Confidentiality (153KB | ) signed and dated by you and the father.
  9. A telephone number where we can reach you or get a message to you and the best time to call.

You can fax your forms to (510) 234-9970

You can also email the completed forms to adoptions@pactadopt.org, but please note that the following forms MUST have handwritten signatures:

  • Client Agreement
  • Medical Record Release and Pregnancy Verification
  • Affidavit/Declaration of Paternity
  • Waiver of Confidentiality

These can be mailed, faxed, or emailed as PDF attachments. Please let us know if you need help printing or sending them and we will work together to find a solution.

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