Adoption Referral Line: 510-243-9460
Expectant / Birth Parent Line: 800-750-7590
Text your questions to: 501-301-5584

A biracial adopted child Pact helps expectant parents or parents who have already given birth find families looking to adopt their African American, Latino, Asian, Native American or multiracial children born anywhere in the United States. We believe that expectant parents have the right to choose the family who will adopt their baby.

Women of color deserve the same choices, control, and respect as others who choose adoption. If you are looking for African American adoptive parents, you will want to learn more about our African American adoption program.

Some adoption professionals promise options to women of color considering adoption but don't have families of color ready and able to adopt. At Pact we always have both pre-adoptive parents of color as well as race-educated white parents eager to welcome an adopted child of color into their family and we are happy to work with adoption professionals from all states.

Please click the links below to see some of the families who are currently looking to adopt through Pact.

We try to keep this section up-to-date, but we are always recruiting new families, and some families choose not to post online profiles, so if you don't see the kind of family you are looking for, don't hesitate to call us at the toll-free number above to see if there might be other families available.