An african american infant If you choose to make an adoption plan, you are in charge. You get to choose who will parent your child.

Finding an Adoptive Family for your Baby

Pact helps birth parents find adoptive families looking to adopt their African American, Latino, Asian, Native American or multiracial children born anywhere in the United States. On the Families Looking to Adopt page you can see some families who currently looking to adopt children of color. You will see that Pact works with a diverse range of people who wish to adopt, a majority of whom are people of color or inter-racial couples. White people who want to consider adopting a child of color are required to complete special training on parenting across racial lines. All of them specifically wish to adopt a child of color as their first choice. You can decide which ones match the hopes you have expressed for your child.

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What Happens Next

Once you complete the required forms and the initial adoption consultation, we will work with you to evaluate the adoptive families that interest you, help you get ready to interact with them, support you as you make your final decision, and work to make sure that you are always treated with respect. We will make sure you understand the legal and logistical procedures and ensure that ongoing contact/communication between you and the adopting family is discussed and agreed upon. Throughout the adoption process, we will be available to facilitate communications and make sure that your child's best interests are being served.

The steps of the placement process will vary somewhat depending on whether it is an Agency-Assisted Adoption or an Independent Adoption. (For definitions of these terms please see The Adoption Process from our Resource Library. In either case, Pact's adoption services are always provided free of charge to expectant parents.

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What We Believe

The long-term well-being of the child, not the prospective adoptive parents, is always our primary concern. We are outspoken in our belief that women and children of color must never be treated like second-class citizens during the-if we witness racism, we name it and fight against it.

Learn more about topics that include managing contact between birth and adoptive parents, navigating relationships with adopted children, and deciding whether open adoption or closed adoption serves children and parents best by visiting Birth Parents, Birth Families in Adoption.

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Getting Started

If you think you might want to work with Pact, please call the Birth Parents Line at (800) 750-7590 or email us at, and let us know the best way to reach you. If you want to get started right away, please complete and submit the Birth Parent Forms-we can start helping you as soon as we receive them.

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