Expectant parents considering adoption Pact believes that pregnant women (and their partners) should have choices when facing an unplanned pregnancy, and that women of color who are considering adoption are too often denied access to the pregnancy options available to their white counterparts.

In the early months of a pregnancy, there are three options to consider:

  • keeping the child to be raised by you or by another family member;
  • terminating the pregnancy (abortion);
  • or placing the child to be raised by an adoptive family.

We will help you explore the pros and cons of each of the pregnancy options available to you, without judgment or pressure. We understand that there are no easy answers when you are trying to decide whether you are ready and able to parent the child you are expecting. This counseling is provided free-of-charge, whether or not you decide to pursue adoption.

At Pact, our guiding principle is simple: the child’s needs always come first. We work with expectant parents to help them determine whether adoption is the best option for them and their child. If the decision is made to pursue placement, we can connect expectant parents with good families who are ready and eager to parent African American, Latino, Asian, and multiracial children. For parents who chose to place their children in adoption, we provide follow-up services to ease the post-placement transition.

We have worked with many expectant parents facing the same choices you may be facing today. Read Aisha's Story and Becoming Olivia's Mommy for some first hand stories about what it's like to consider adoption and work with Pact.

An expectant parent's adoption story

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An Adoption story from a birth mother

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