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Webinar:Using Myth and Archetype to Cultivate Insight and Integrate Self for Adult Adoptees

Start time/date: July  11, 2018 11:00 AM
End time/date: July  11, 2018 12:30 PM
Place: Webinar
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Using Myth and Archetype to Cultivate Insight and Integrate Self for Adult Adoptees

What happens when the label “adoptee” becomes so integrated and internalized that it is difficult to begin to distinguish self from label? Adult adoptees have decades of practice at internalizing and identifying with the adoptee label. Patterns can become ingrained. Thoughts can become automatic. Feelings can become crystallized. Many of these feelings and patterns were gifted to the adult adoptee very early in life – even in utero – before a time where conscious thoughts and memory can reach. The practice of working with the depth psychological tools of myths and archetypes can provide an adult adoptee with the opportunity to externalize the adoptee narrative, and recognize patterns and feelings as separate from the self. We will look at some of the common archetypes and myths for adult adoptees, and discuss both how we identify with them, and how they impact our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Recognition of these stories and patterns leads to greater understanding, and a more whole sense of self. These tools are incredibly useful for the adult adoptee, as well as for helping professionals. This workshop is appropriate for adult adoptees and professionals.

Learning Goals:


  1. Understanding the depth psychological concepts of myth and archetype
  2. Understanding the way that adult adoptees can internalize stories and feelings about the adoptee label and their adoption story…and how this impacts the individual’s choices, patterns and functioning
  3. Learning some of the most common myths and archetypes that adult adoptees identify with
  4. Reflecting upon the myths and archetypes that resonate for the individual attendee
  5. Understanding ways of using the tools of myth and archetype to further personal insight and understanding on the adult adoptee journey

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Online Registration Closed