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Webinar: Invisible Adoptions: Talking with Children About Adoption When Your Family “Matches”

Start time/date: Oct  10, 2018 11:00 AM
End time/date: Oct  10, 2018 12:30 PM
Place: Webinar
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Invisible Adoptions: Talking with Children About Adoption When Your Family “Matches”

Adoptive parents of color parenting children who look like them have choices about when and even whether or not to talk to their children about their adoption history. Sometimes parents worry that telling a child they are adopted will lead to feelings of insecurity or disconnectedness. Sometimes we need to explore our own concerns about the connections of adoption and how they are different than those between parents and the children they have given birth to. Parents and children almost always have different sensibilities around privacy and secrecy, which means parents need to develop a plan for how to support their child’s need to explore their own history while also protecting them from outsider’s judgement and scrutiny. Get answers to your questions: When is the right time to tell? How do I start? Do adopted children need to know the painful parts of their story? Who needs to know what? Are there tools or books that we can use to help explain adoption to young children? What do we do if they say they don’t want to be adopted? Or they express sadness when we tell them? Join us for a comprehensive look at how to talk about adoption within your family when adoption is not visible. This webinar is for adoptive parents of color and their parenting partners and is also applicable for adoption professionals working with families of color.


Educational objectives:

Participants will be able to:

  1. Predict the kinds of questions that adopted children have at various ages and stages.
  2. Explain the difference between privacy and secrecy and create a plan for how to talk to children at various ages about what is public and what is private.
  3. Explore the ways in which talking to children about their adoption history can bring them closer to their adoptive family.
  4. Identify priorities for the specific information that parents choose to share with their adopted children and how to break it into developmentally appropriate bite sized pieces that can be shared in individual conversations.
  5. Utilize self-assessment tools to distinguish between parent fears and assumptions and those of the adopted child.
  6. Tell their children their adoption story in ways that support that child’s personal exploration and self-esteem long-term.


Instructor: Malaika Parker

Position: Pact, Family of Color Specialist

Experience: Malaika Parker works with adoptive parents of color (and their parenting partners) to design resources and create community for same-race adoptive families. As an African American adoptive parent, she understands how hard and important it is for same-race adoptive parents to find resources that apply to their own family dynamics as opposed to those that apply to transracial families.

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