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Webinar: What to Expect at the Hospital in Domestic Adoption

Start time/date: June  26, 2019 11:00 AM
End time/date: June  26, 2019 12:30 PM
Place: Webinar
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What to Expect at the Hospital in Domestic Adoption

Get practical and ethical advice about what to expect when pre-adopters have been matched with expectant parents in an adoption plan, with a particular focus on what to expect at the hospital when a child is being placed for adoption. We will focus on how to manage the complex time when a child is born and the first/birth parent(s) are making the legal and emotional decision about whether to move forward with placing that child for adoption. The focus will be on how pre-adoptive parents can navigate their relationship with the first/birth parent(s) and the child while still in the hospital, including questions about when to arrive, medical choices, feeding choices, breast-feeding, and names. We will also discuss gifts, goodbyes, and contact after birth. This workshop is relevant for pre-adoptive parents.

Educational objectives: Participants will be able to:

  1. Utilize tools to begin talking with the expectant parents about a birth plan that includes sensitivity to the uncertainty that exists during the delivery and after the child is born.
  2. Understand the possible complexities that hospital staff and families are coping with while the decision is still being made (or re-made).
  3. How to create decisions and discuss, with the expectant parents and hospital staff, medical and feeding choices made for the baby.
  4. Navigate the legal complexities of the custody transfer and decision-making transfer from one set of parents to another when direct placement occurs.
  5. Set a plan for contact after birth.

Instructor/Panel: Beth Hall 

Experience: Beth Hall is an adoption educator who, co-founded Pact, An Adoption Alliance, which is a multicultural adoption organization dedicated to addressing essential issues affecting adopted children of color. Pact offers lifelong support and placement services for birth and adoptive families with adopted kids of color. A national speaker, she is also the author of numerous articles and a book, Inside Transracial Adoption, which is filled with personal stories, practical suggestions, and theory, and delivers the message that race matters, racism is alive, and families built transracially can develop strong and binding ties.

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