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Pact Family Day 2019

Start time/date: Apr  6, 2019 1:00 AM
End time/date: Apr  6, 2019 5:00 PM
Place: Aurora School
40 Dulwhich Road, Oakland CA 94618



Walk in Registration (Adult Only) $50 @the door.

Finding Our Voices, Developing Our Narratives

Valuing Our Inner Strength through our Learned Adoption Experiences


April 6, 2019

Registration: 12:30 pm

Adult Program: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Youth 5 – 12 Program: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Potluck Community Gathering: 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Aurora School 40 Dulwich Rd. Oakland, CA 94618


Join us for a day of learning for the whole family including special programming for children ages 5-12 led by our awesome counselor/mentors and teen club members. Concurrent adult programing will be taking place for parents of all age children. Parents are invited to attend with or without their children. 


Youth Program: Finding Our Voices

Katie Stickles-Wynen will have a discussion about being adopted with the goal of helping the youth to recognize the strengths they are generating as they find and explore their own adoption narrative. 


Adult Program: Been There Done That—What We Learned That Could Help You

Beth Hall and a panel of parents of teen and/or adult adoptees will talk about the things they have learned along the way and advice they offer to parents who are in earlier stages of their parenting journey based on their own life experiences. Experiences include same race adoption and transracial adoption, kinship adoption, foster adoption, infant adoption, closed adoption and open adoption. Expect honest conversation about the challenges and the joys and remember hindsight is often 20-20.


Adult Program Presenters

Beth Hall is the co-founding Executive Director of Pact. She is the white adoptive mother of a Latina daughter and an African American son (both now young adults), and grew up with an adopted sister. She co-founded Pact in 1991 to combat the discrimination she witnessed against adopted children of color and their birth families. She is the co-author, with Gail Steinberg, of the book Inside Transracial Adoption and a nationally known advocate for adopted children of color who regularly lectures and leads workshops on ethical, non-racist adoption practices.


Raquel Vivanco is the adoptive mother to 2 Latin@ children, ages 21 and 13. She has worked in the nonprofit and human resources fields for over 20 years. She is also an entrepreneur having started two successful businesses. She currently lives in the Bay Area having moved back to the states after 7 years in Mexico with her family. 

Chandrajit “Nikku” Dhesi is a 50-yea-old man working to come to terms with life, death, love, and fatherhood.

Matt Plut has been a member of Pact for the past 18 years and has participated in the Family Camp with his wife Hazel and son Jake, now age 21, many times since its inception. He has also worked in, and chaired, a school Board of Directors and the Diversity Committees for many years at the two schools his son Jake has attended. He owns and operates a small insurance brokerage in San Francisco.

Karen Bernstein is the White mother of a 19 year-old African-American daughter, through international adoption.  She and her family have been attending Pact events since before her daughter was born.  Karen is interested in transracial adoptive parenting, is an IT professional, and works to rescue and socialize wild cats. Picture by Karen’s daughter, Katia.


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1 $40 

2 $75 

3 $105 

4 $130 

5 $155 

6 $180

Pact Members get 15% discount.

Please choose carefully when registering for Pact events. Pact is not in a position to refund workshop or event registration fees.

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