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Start time/date: Sept  22, 2019 1:00 PM
End time/date: June  7, 2020 8:00 PM
Place: LA Area-TBA
TBA, Los Angeles CA

2019-2020 Kaleidoscope Tween & Teen Clubs

For Adopted and Fostered Youth of Color (10-18 years old) and their Non-Adopted Siblings

Pact’s pioneering Tween/Teen Clubs model an innovative approach of support for foster and adoptive families and youth still in care. No other curriculum exists nationally that addresses the intersection of race and placement for fostered/adopted youth. This program which has been working successfully for over ten years in Northern California, is now being offered for Southern California under Pact’s Kaleidoscope program. Separate Tween (ages 10-12) and Teen (ages 13-18) gatherings, organized in 10 three-hour sessions over a year, focus on both social interactions among the youth and mentoring by highly trained adults and counselors of color, many of whom were adopted or fostered themselves.  To address the needs of children of color when birth parents cannot parent and foster/adoptive placement is necessary, support is needed long after placement.

The clubs are designed as social groups rather than therapeutic interventions.

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Pricing is set on a sliding scale by income — payment plans are available. Scholarships are also available on a first come first serve basis for families with financial needs.

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Pricing Description:

$80—$120/Session—Pricing includes food, activities & mentors

Please choose carefully when registering for Pact events. Pact is not in a position to refund workshop or event registration fees.