Pact Camp

Webinar: A Developmental Approach to Transracial Adoption

Start time/date: Sept  30, 2020 11:00 AM
End time/date: Sept  30, 2020 12:30 PM
Place: Webinar
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Are you planning a transracial adoption, or are you already parenting across racial lines? At Pact, we believe that white parents must educate themselves about both race and racism as well as understanding white privilege and interrogating their own whiteness. We will explore how these issues play out in families where children and parents do not share the same racial identity. 


Instructor: Katie Wynen, MSW

Position: Adoption Social Worker

Experience: Katie is an MSW, with 13 years of experience working with adoptees, birth/first parents and adoptive families. Katie works directly with families in transracial adoptions and families in same race adoptions. Katie runs a group for adult adoptees of color and has experience in working with adopted youth in group settings. Katie is an international, transracial adoptee.

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