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Webinar: Introducing the Adoption Conversation

Start time/date: Aug  12, 2020 11:00 AM
End time/date: Aug  12, 2020 12:30 PM
Place: Webinar
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Initiating conversations with children about being adopted can feel scary for parents who want to protect their children from feeling “less than.” Learn how to start conversations and introduce concepts without going over your children’s heads. When should we tell? What should we tell? How do we tell? Get ideas and words to use to introduce the concept and details about adoption to your child. This workshop provides research-based tips for understanding a child's point of view and feelings about adoption. You will receive practical guidance on how to create a plan for sharing information and managing the unknowns. We will cover topics including: Handling your own fears, understanding how children understand & experience adoption, why the words we use matter, why beginning with a child’s birth makes sense, how to talk about first/birth parents and answering and anticipating children’s questions, whether they ask them or not. This webinar is appropriate for pre-adoptive parents as well as adoptive parents with young children.

Educational objectives:

Participants will be able to:

  1. Create a plan for initiating a conversation with adopted children about their adoption that includes specific language related to being born, having birth parents and complex circumstances that led to their placement with a new family.
  2. Identify developmental milestones related to children’s understanding of adoption and placement.
  3. Describe their own feelings about difficult conversations and give examples of how to distinguish between parent’s and children’s feelings.
  4. Identify specific language that is age-appropriate and supportive of children’s exploration of their adoption experience.
  5. Utilize a truthful approach to discussing a child’s history while considering who needs to know what and when.


Instructor: Beth Hall

Experience: Beth Hall is an adoption educator who, co-founded Pact, An Adoption Alliance, which is a multicultural adoption organization dedicated to addressing essential issues affecting adopted children of color. Pact offers lifelong support and placement services for birth and adoptive families with adopted kids of color. A national speaker, she is also the author of numerous articles and a book, Inside Transracial Adoption, which is filled with personal stories, practical suggestions, and theory, and delivers the message that race matters, racism is alive, and families built transracially can develop strong and binding ties.

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