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The Impacts of Digital and Social Media on Adoptive Families: Making a Plan for Well-Being

Start time/date: Oct  27, 2020 11:00 AM
End time/date: Oct  27, 2020 12:30 PM
Place: Webinar
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With an ever-changing online learning landscape, our adopted kids are spending an exorbitant amount of time in front of a screen. What impact does that have on their well-being? How can we balance monitoring our kid's behavior online and provide them the guidelines to think critically of their choices? Join us for a panel presentation with Jamie Nunez, Bay Area Regional Manager for Common Sense Media, Susan DG Leksander, LMFT Pact’s Adoption Agency Supervisor and Beth Hall, Pact’s Executive Director to explore three practical ways adoptive parents can define digital wellness in their homes.  

Overcoming our own fears and learning how to approach difficult topics must be part of every adoptive parent’s agenda as we support our children in navigating the inherently complex reality of being adopted and the pervasive cyberworld they are part of. Discussion will include how to support youth rather than supposing that parents can somehow control or limit their children’s access to social media. How can we be curious and therefore more supportive about our child's social media interactions—particularly as they relate to adoption?  They will be discussing the current intersection of the Internet and adoption experience.

Adoptive families also need to consider the impact of social media on portrayals of adoption, search and reunion, as well as a balance of privacy and finding supportive community. Families will leave with resources and a plan to address the ongoing stresses and opportunities related to digital media use.

Families will learn:

  • Specific ways to incorporate online vision statements and family agreements

  • Strategies to decipher social media's impact on their children

  • Helpful resources that celebrate their children's online identities

Jamie Nunez is the Bay Area Regional Manager for CommonSense. For over 17 years, Jamie has redefined education practices by exploring the intersection of digital media and learning. As a former high school teacher, school administrator, and after school director, Jamie has trained thousands of educators on student engagement in digital spaces.

Beth Hall is the Executive Director of Pact, an Adoption Alliance. She co-founded Pact in 1991 to combat the discrimination she witnessed against adopted children of color and their birth families. She is a nationally known advocate for adopted children of color who regularly lectures and leads workshops on ethical, non-racist adoption practices.

Susan Dusza Guerra Leksander, LMFT is a licensed psychotherapist and Adoption Agency Supervisor at Pact, an Adoption Alliance. As First/Birth Family Specialist, Susan focuses on the needs of expectant parents considering adoption, and first/birth families of who have placed children of color for adoption. She has supported Pact families in using social media to reconnect with their children’s first/birth families.

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