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Webinar: Talking with Children About Adoption

Start time/date: May  19, 2021 11:00 AM
End time/date: May  19, 2021 12:30 PM
Place: Webinar
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Talking with Children About Adoption

Participants will learn how to start and continue developmentally appropriate conversations about adoption, first families and loss. Topics will include understanding how children experience adoption; why the words we use matter, strategies that match children’s developmental stages, why beginning with a child’s birth makes sense; how to talk about first/birth parents; and how to answer and anticipate children’s questions whether they ask them or not. We will also discuss how to coordinate these conversations when birth parents are available to be part of them and when they are not. Appropriate for pre-adoptive parents, expectant parents considering an adoption plan and both birth and adoptive parents.


Participants will be able to:

  • Create a plan for initiating or continuing the conversation with adopted children about their adoption that includes specific language related to being born, having birth parents and the complex circumstances that led to their placement with a new family.
  • Identify developmental milestones related to children’s understanding of adoption and placement.
  • Describe their own feelings about difficult conversations and give examples of how to distinguish between parent’s and children’s feelings.
  • Identify specific age-appropriate language supportive of children’s exploration of their adoption experience.
  • Utilize a truthful approach to discussing a child’s history while considering who needs to know what and when.


Instructor: Malaika Parker

Position: Director of Adoptive Parents of Color Collaborative


Malaika Parker, M.A., is director of Pact’s Adoptive Parents of Color Collective where she designs resources and creates community for adoptive families headed by people of color. As a Black adoptive parent of Black children, she understands firsthand how important it is for same-race adoptive parents to find resources that apply to their family dynamics.  Malaika has worked to organize communities of color around issues of police accountability, racial justice in education and environmental justice.  Malaika is the founder of Hummingbirds Urban Farming Collective in Oakland, and she holds a master’s degree in social justice and equity in education from San Francisco State University. In 2020, Malaika was awarded the Women of Color LeadStrong fellowship from the LeaderSpring Center.

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