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Webinar: Dear White People: Antiracist Adoptive Parenting

Start time/date: July  28, 2021 11:00 AM
End time/date: July  28, 2021 12:30 PM
Place: Webinar
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Dear White People: Antiracist Adoptive Parenting

The opposite of being racist is to be antiracist.

 Talking about race is never easy, but you can get more comfortable with practice. Remember, silence speaks volumes. White people in particular have to push beyond self-examination into action. This requires that we interrogate our own privilege and think seriously about what it means to be not just an ally, but to stand in solidarity with the mission of antiracist movements. In this webinar, we’ll discuss steps you can take that will better prepare you to have these difficult conversations—and to have them frequently. It’s what our children need and what the state of our society demands.


Beth Hall has written extensively about how to talk with your children about race and racism beginning at very young ages when children are thinking a lot about fairness. This makes them natural social justice advocates, which is something you can model and nurture. We will discuss how to talk with them about all -isms, including anti-Black and brown racism and the history of white supremacy; to name racial group membership, including theirs and yours; and involve them in your own analysis about the systems they inhabit—including their school, neighborhood and faith community— and the racial biases that exists within those and all institutions.


For those of us parenting children across racial lines, we must think about how to instill in them not just the horror of racism but the beauty, creativity, resilience, and resistance of their racial heritage. Our children deserve to grow up with parents who celebrate the courage and persistence of Black and Brown people and never shrug off or ignore racism and injustice.


If you haven’t already, join the conversation today. It matters.


Participants will be able to

  • Understand the difference between being a racist and being anti-racist.
  • Recognize why adoptees of color need their white parents to see them as people of color and fight against racism and white supremacy.
  • Identify at least five practical strategies they can employ to create a plan to fight racism at it exists in American society.
  • Learn how to initiate and engage in conversations and actions that allow white people to be seen as allies to people of color.

Instructor/Panel:Beth Hall

Experience: Beth Hall is an adoption educator who, co-founded Pact, An Adoption Alliance, which is a multicultural adoption organization dedicated to addressing essential issues affecting adopted children of color. Pact offers lifelong support and placement services for birth and adoptive families with adopted kids of color. A national speaker, she is also the author of numerous articles and a book, Inside Transracial Adoption, which is filled with personal stories, practical suggestions, and theory, and delivers the message that race matters, racism is alive, and families built transracially can develop strong and binding ties.

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