Pact Camp

Preparing adoptive parents to give their children of color the best possible care, from infancy through adulthood

At Pact, we believe in utilizing the wisdom of research and life experience to help adoptive parents give their children the quality of care they need and deserve. Many adoption agencies and organizations emphasize placement above all else. Pact is a full-service licensed adoption agency that offers ongoing education because we know adoption is not just about bringing a baby home-adoption is a lifelong experience. Our educational programs are designed to prepare adoptive parents before placement, and support them after placement. That's why adoptive parents return to us as their children move through different ages and stages, from infancy to adolescence. Whether you're preparing to bring home a newborn, struggling to talk with your child about their birth family, or deciding on a school, Pact has a workshop for you. Every summer our annual Pact Family Camp provides a weeklong opportunity for adopted children of color and their families to learn and grow together. Pact also offers one-on-one consultations for adoptive parents that are tailored to their specific situations and concerns.

Pact is known around the country for its work on adoption and race. We offer educational programming designed specifically for adoptive parents of color, and our workshops and individualized consultations for those adopting/parenting across racial lines provide a safe space for honest and provocative self-examination related to racism, white privilege, and positive racial identity.

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