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Creating strong, loving adoptive families for children of color

Adoptive parents of an African American adopted childPact's mission is to serve adopted children of color for a lifetime. In our placement program, we prioritize the needs of African American, Latino, Asian and multiracial infants born in the US to parents who are considering placing them for adoption.

Every month, people facing unplanned pregnancies seek support from Pact as they consider an adoption plan. To maximize the choices available to them, Pact works to ensure that they have access to prospective families who share their child's racial heritage-an option that is too often not provided by other agencies and adoption professionals. Many of the requests we receive from expectant parents are for 2-parent, heterosexual adoptive families headed by African American/Black and Latinix parents.

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All of our services are free to expectant parents, and our placement services for pre-adoptive parents are offered on a steep sliding scale based on income, so that no qualified low- or middle-income families are barred from adopting due to prohibitive costs. Pact is known around the country as a model and advocate of ethical, honest, anti-racist adoption practices.

Currently about 98% of our placements involve children placed with families where one or more parent is the same race as the child.

Individuals who wish to adopt across racial lines (transracial adoption) can be wonderful parents, if they are willing and capable of supporting their child's heritage. It is essential for transracial adoptive families to ensure that their lifestyle does not result in racial or cultural isolation for their child. If you are considering adopting across racial lines, Pact has special educational and support programs in place to help you anticipate and meet the needs of your adopted child. We often work with families who are adopting transracially by providing education and preparation, whether those families work with Pact for placement or complete their placements with other agencies.

We know the best way to support adopted children is to offer extensive services to the families children are born into, as well as the families in which they are placed. In all that we do at Pact, the needs and best interests of children are always our first priority.

Pact is a non-profit full-service adoption agency. California residency is not required to work with Pact for placement and case management services.

Learn more about our placement services here.

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