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Pact specializes in African American Adoption African American children and all members of the African diaspora are underserved in the world of adoption. These articles include information about African American placement, stories of African American birth parents, adoptees and adoptive parents, as well as information about healthy self-esteem and suggestions for how to support African American children and youth. Topics include hair care, dealing with racism, school issues, and book reviews.

Pact makes special efforts to support African American adoptive parents (and their parenting partners) through placement services as well as post-placement support services. We have online chat groups and consultation services available specifically for same-race adoptive parents; we also have chat groups and consultations focused on the special issues inherent to transracial/transnational parenting. All adoptive parents who have already adopted (or are considering adopting) African American/African children can get involved in our educational workshops and conferences, our nationally acclaimed Pact Family Camp, and regional parent-organized affiliates in Northern California, Southern California, and throughout the U.S. Become a member of Pact to take advantage of all these resources and to receive our newsletter, Pact’s Point of View, which features many articles on the intersection of adoption, parenting, and race. Pact members receive a discount at our online bookstore, which features great reads on this topic carefully selected for both adults and kids of all ages. We also recommend blogs and other online resources that we believe have the very best advice and information for adoptive families of children of color about adoption, race, and parenting.

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African/African American Adoption and Identity Articles

African/African American Adoption and Identity Videos

Helping Your Child Develop Positive Racial Identity

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Are There Differences Between Culture, Ethnicity, and Race?

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Tips For Talking To Your Children About Race

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The Importance of Living in a Diverse Community

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Think Race Doesn't Matter Then Why the Difference in Adoption Fees Based on the Child's Race?

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Considering Transracial Adoption; Four Questions to Ask Yourself

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