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An adopted infant Attachment is a process that can be taught and learned. In adoption, attachment parenting is important to ensure that children feel secure and safe in their placement. Attachment strategies begin from the first meeting and must be nurtured throughout the lifetime of the adoptive relationship. Topics include promoting attachment, attachment disorders, regression associated with delayed or weak attachment, and practical strategies to help children attach despite birth family separation and attachment challenges.

Pact supports healthy attachment for adopted children of color by offering ongoing education and support to adoptive families after placement. Pact offers support for adoptive parents through our online chat groups, our educational workshops and conferences, our nationally acclaimed Pact Family Camp, one-on-one consultations, and regional parent-organized affiliates in Northern California, Southern California, and throughout the U.S. Become a member of Pact to take advantage of all these resources and to receive our newsletter, Pact’s Point of View, which features many articles on effective parenting. Pact members receive a discount at our online bookstore, which features great reads on this topic. We also recommend blogs and other online resources that we believe have the very best advice and information for adoptive families of children of color about adoption, race, and parenting.

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